Upcoming Candygirls Tgirl parties and events

Upcoming Candygirls Tgirl parties and events

Unless indicated in the party schedule below, Candygirls Tgirl and admirer parties are held on the the second and fourth Tuesday of every month in Sunbury-on-Thames.

Our Tuesday parties start at 9pm and draw to a close at 2am.  Our Sunday parties start at 7pm and draw to a close at 1am (unless otherwise indicated)

Our party schedule is also listed on TV Chix.  If you're a TV Chix member and are thinking about coming along then it would be a great help to us if you could view the TV Chix event listing and mark yourself as either definitely or maybe attending.

Our party schedule for the next few months

  1. May 2019

    1. Sunday 19th
    2. Tuesday 28th
  2. June 2019

    1. Friday 7th: Shared Hellfire party
    2. Tuesday 11th
    3. Sunday 16th
    4. Tuesday 25th
  3. July 2019

    1. Tuesday 9th
    2. Sunday 21st
    3. Tuesday 23rd
  1. August 2019

    1. Tuesday 13th
    2. Sunday 18th
    3. Tuesday 27th
  2. September 2019

    1. Tuesday 10th
    2. Sunday 15th
    3. Tuesday 24th
  3. October 2019

    1. Tuesday 8th
    2. Sunday 20th
    3. Tuesday 22nd

We hope to see you at one of our parties very soon.


Jenni - Candygirls club hostess