Candygirls transgender club membership

For the protection of our guests, Candygirls is a "members only" club.  New members are always welcome, and may join at the door at any of our parties.  A simple membership form must be completed, and photo ID (such as a photo driving licence or a passport) is required to be shown.  Please note that new membership applications made without valid photo ID may not be accepted.

Candygirls membership is for life, and is valid at all of our parties.

We will be very happy for you to join our club at reception on any of our party nights.  If you would like to advise us of your attendance then please do so, but please note that we cannot except any payment or reserve rooms for you in advance.  If you have any questions then please feel free to contact us.

Please be assured that the limited personal details we collect will never be sold, rented, nor revealed to any third party, for any reason, unless we are compelled to do so by a verifiably valid and properly served court order.

Please note that we cannot accept credit or debit cards as payment.  We only accept cash at reception and at the bar.

Club membership and event entry fees